Word Counter

When we work on a writing project limited by words and a particular word density count, we need a word count tool to do all these counting. Usually the word processor applications used for writing have an integrated word and character count tool in their menus. While these inbuilt features/tools are useful for word count and character count functions, we need something more than these for a keyword density count. The Free Online Word Counter (http://www.count-word.com) is one such tool that does it all. It is a very simple online tool that counts the words, characters and most importantly, what inbuilt tools donít do; it determines the keyword density by being a word density tool as well. This free tool is found to be extremely handy for freelance writers and writers aiming SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The online tool has a pretty neat interface with a text box where you can either type your text or copy-paste the same from elsewhere. The word/character count is dynamic. As you type or place the text inside the box, a text will appear above saying how many characters and words are there in the box. At the same time this will also perform a word density count at the right of the box. A text column here will mention each wordís appearance in the whole text and its relative density. The Free Online Word Counter (http://www.count-word.com) is truly a useful tool.